An organization created to provide the best web design

There is a great network of designers derived from the core members

We also undertake the production of graphic design, corporate logos, signboards and pamphlets.

Business challenges and objectivesSolve with sophisticated visuals

By grasping the identity and concept of the company and service through hearings, we produce a total design such as logos and pamphlets.

For solving corporate purposes and issues We propose a design that connects

There is a philosophy that “design is a solution”. The idea is to create sophisticated designs and visually solve corporate objectives and issues. Unlike other media such as TV and DTP, the website is also a place for conversion itself such as purchase and membership registration. That’s why design is more important than any other media on the Web. In the process of creating a design, we check whether it is a solution from various perspectives such as information design, branding, UI / UX.

Designed to stick to the targetI am good at total production

Total design production is possible, such as corporate branding and web service promotion. We will hear about the identity concept of companies and services, and propose what kind of design is effective for the target. In addition to requesting a total of concept design, illustration creation, photography, copyright, etc. necessary for designing, we can also produce designs other than websites such as logos, pamphlets, business cards.

Required in the smartphone era Screen design considering UI / UX

The opportunities for websites to be viewed on smartphones have increased, and there is an even greater demand for designs that take UI (user interface) / UX (user experience) into consideration. At COOSY, he is in charge of designing smartphone services provided by Japan Post and NTT DoCoMo from UI / UX design. We are good at creating intuitive screen designs based on user trends, such as literacy of web screen operations, as well as considering the target age, gender, and usage scene.

Easy to operate in-house and design Create a high website

Websites are a medium that can be operated, and recently, the number of companies that operate their own sites is increasing. However, operation-based websites have the disadvantage that the design tends to be pale because the information posted is updated. We have many achievements in building easy-to-operate sites using CMS such as WordPress, and even if it is operation-based, we can build original designs using CSS and web fonts.